“So far we’ve only prepared one but wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Absolutely fabulous flavours that made up such a warm and hearty dinner. Even my daughter who is not such a soup fan, really enjoyed the meal and can’t wait to try the other recipes.” – Peter, Mississauga

“We have had almost all your soups! We love them! It all started by receiving a mason jar for a present one year. Then discovered them in Elora where we live so often pick them up at Dar’s, or a butcher in Orangeville when we are over that way. We have also visited your booth the last two years at Cranberry Festival in Bala. I know you saw many faces that weekend but you told us to let you know what we thought of your new Piri Piri soup flavour. Again we LOVE it!!!!! We like spicy foods so it was right up our alley. I am sure plenty of other people will like it too. We look forward to it coming to stores, or buying it online, as well continuing to try flavours we have yet to make and to repeat flavours we have made! Thank you for all the tasty meals.” – Julia, Ontario

“I was given two jars of your soup for Christmas and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them. I am a dairy-free vegetarian and I make soup all the time from scratch. I honestly wasn’t expecting soup in a jar to be that good. I used your soup jars on nights when I didn’t have much time to make dinner, and I was impressed both times. So was my family, and they have high standards.” – Simone, Toronto

“That lentil soup was the best I’ve ever had. We’re ordering a crate of it. Not only is it affordable and super easy and looks good on the shelf, it is the best soup I’ve ever tasted. Better than soups made fresh by well paid chefs. It was a huge revelation. Thank you.” – Dave, Toronto

“I just wanted to tell you that your soups are unreal! I made the smoky split pea and I was hoping I would have it for a couple of days but I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it the pot was done. I have the Za’atar cooking in the slow cooker right now for dinner tonight and I’m fairly excited. Lol! Thanks so much for making such a great, healthy product. For lazy cookers like myself, your soups are perfect. – Matthew, Mississauga

“Hi Soup Girl, I discovered your soup in a jar at Spirit Tree Cidery where we recovered after a Bruce Trail hike. Now I find them at Top Market here in Cambridge. I rejoice. They are delicious, habit-forming but not fattening. Thank you, thank you.” – Merrily, Cambridge

“First of all I must take a minute to tell you how amazing your soups are. The jars are so pretty that it makes me a little sad when I have to open them, until I smell the soup cooking and it makes it all worth while. The flavours are incredible and the time is saves me in the kitchen is truly a life saver. With two kids in sports every night of the week, I don’t even attempt to make my own soup anymore. Thank you for creating soups that are hearty, healthy and so delicious. Now to restock my cupboards….” – Kyla, Guelph

“The Caribbean Rice n’ Peas soup was absolutely the best soup I have enjoyed. It was a Christmas gift from one of my students and I guess they will be getting an A. Going to order some on line. Thanks for making my day!” – Donita

“I was given a jar of Detox yesterday and made it this afternoon. Now , I am not a soupist and don’t remember having any soup in years since my last can of over salted Campbells. But that was this morning. First off the swirl effect of the bottled product is very appealing. While it cooked it popped with colour and fragrance. And then hearty,perfectly spiced, delicious and plentiful. I recently evolved to a vegetarian diet and worried my diet may be less varied and tasty. Abandon that thought.” – Marc, Toronto

“Hi. I was at the Evergreen Brick Works in September for an event and thought I’d browse the store. I love soups so I picked up a few of your jars. I was very pleasantly surprised of how tasty and easy they are to make and love the suggestions you offer on how to add to them (ie add coconut milk, etc.) I plan on buying several jars for Christmas stocking stuffers as you also package them quite nicely. Just thought I’d pass this note along to say thanks. It’s always nice to get positive feedback, right? :)” – Theresa, Burlington

“I just wanted to let you know that we made your Spicy Coconut Lentil Soup on a cool evening at the cottage and LOVED it! Even my 10 year old thought is was amazing and asked for more the next night. I love how much it makes just from one jar! It was so easy to make and even easier to eat😃. I have to say, I have tried the odd pre-packaged non-commercial dried soup before and didn’t enjoy them very much. Yours however, is truly outstanding! I have been telling everyone about them and am going to stock up next time I’m at the market. Thank you so much for creating these healthy, natural, delicious soups, for making dinner prep so easy, and for introducing my kids to a whole new flavour sensation (and giving mom a very welcome new lunch box option!!) Keep on souping!” – Seana, Toronto

“A friend of ours brought us the Caribbean Rice n’ Peas Soup. It was really delicious, I’ve never tasted anything like it. You can now officially say that your soup is world famous!” – Jelmer, The Netherlands

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the fabulous Moroccan Lentil soup I purchased yesterday at the Many Feathers Farmers’ Market in Meadowvale. I cooked it for lunch as soon as I got home. I added chopped onion and celery, sautéed in a little olive oil, and towards the end, a couple of chopped tomatoes. I’m positive, given the perfect balance of seasonings, that this soup would be awesome made with the recommended just-add-water. However, I had so many vegetables from the market, I just had to throw in a few enhancements :-)” – Jennifer, Mississauga

“As a new mom, it’s really hard finding the time to grocery shop let alone make nutritious meals for my husband and me. I picked up a jar of Smoky Split Pea and a jar of Spicy Coconut Lentil and put them to the test with my picky husband. Success! We now regularly enjoy delicious, nutritious and quickly prepared soups :)” – Rita, Toronto

“I just made your Caribbean Rice n’ Peas Soup and it was delicious! I am super happy I have something tasty to eat for my lunches.” – Mona

“We met at Pamperfest and I wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I love the detox soup.
I love the taste, the fact that it’s vegan, it’s healthy and it’s convenient.” – Demi, Mississauga

“I bought some of your soups from Savour the Flavour this weekend. Your detox soup is by far the best soup I have had in a long time. What’s for dinner tonight on this rainy day, hmmmmm spicy coconut lentil soup. Thank you again for such yummy soup.” – Amanda, Barrie

“I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed your Italian Rice & Lentil Soup. I picked up a jar at the Hockley General Store and my husband was pretty skeptical that anything coming out of that jar was going to taste good. I usually make my own soup from scratch but sometimes I just don’t feel like spending that much time in the kitchen, so I thought your homemade soup would be the perfect answer for those days I don’t want to cook. My husband couldn’t rave enough about it! He actually seemed much more excited about your soup than mine. It was delicious the night we had it and again the next day for lunch. Just thought you might like some feedback. I will definitely be picking more up for those nice days ahead when I’d rather be outside!” – Colleen, Hockley Valley

“I just wanted to let you know that I had my first bowl of Spicy Coconut Lentil soup and it was absolutely delicious. Just the right thickness and spicy flavour! I can’t believe I have waited until now to try your works of art…. I have been missing out. I look forward to experiencing the rest of the recipes and will await the endless possibilities that I know you will create. A passionate soup lover thanks you and wishes you all the best on your venture.” – John, Caledon

“This past summer my husband and 7 year old daughter discovered your soups at the Brampton Farmers Market. With 2 jars in hand, my daughter was so excited to share with me this fabulous new soup she “discovered”. We’ve been hooked ever since. As a vegetarian (a picky one), it’s hard to find a meal that is satisfying! Soup Girl Soups fit the bill.” – Maria, Brampton

“Bought all your soups at the French River resort. Loved them all! Thought they would make great Christmas Hostess gifts. Would like to buy more! I live in Midland…what’s the best way?” – Ilga, Midland

“I could be quite possibly the most difficult partner to cook for. I prefer quality, taste, and high nutritional content. It’s often a hard target to achieve with our busy life styles. Your Dry Soup Medleys are just perfect for our family! They are nutritionally balanced, taste amazing, fast to prepare, and create a substantial quantity of soup. Knowing they are prepared by a mindful local vegetarian is a bonus.” – Steve, Brampton

“We were given your soup as a Christmas present and made the first one yesterday…absolutely delicious! You are a true alchemist.” – Linda Lundstrom

” Your soup was so outstanding I had to take time out of my day to send you a shout out! My son made it on Sunday and it was excellent! We all enjoyed it very much..Very impressive!” – Kevin Campbell

“I purchased a couple of your soups ( detox and spicy coconut) at the Orangeville farmers market this weekend and I made the detox last night. My 20 month old daughter whom is as picky as they come, thoroughly enjoyed it. She was ” nom noming”, ate a whole bowl and asked for more. Super easy to prepare and I don’t have to worry about any processed junk in it We will be stopping by your booth sometime soon again.” – Corrie, Brampton

“Hi there, I picked up one of your soups at Martha’s in Alton yesterday while I was leaving the Millcroft Inn. I brought it home for dinner and we all loved it (I’m actually eating leftovers for lunch right now – nom nom nom). We are in Barrie – how can we get more?” – Leigh, Barrie

“I recently purchased The Detox Soup at the Detox Market and I absolutely love it. I cooked the entire jar last night and for one person it’s a lot (which is a good thing)! Fabulous idea on the soup in a jar! It’s a lifesaver. By the time I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is a) think about what I’m going to cook for dinner and b) actually cook.” – Melissa, Toronto

“Will you be coming back to the Guelph market again on Wednesday? I tried your Coconut Lentil and loved it!! It’s the perfect blend of savory and spices.” – Lynn, Guelph

“Thank you. We picked up the soups on Saturday – you have made our family very happy!!!” – Laura, Inspired Soap Works

“Hi there, I bought your Moroccan Lentil soup mix. It makes a good soup. Thank you.” – Jon