“We were given your soup as a Christmas present and made the first one yesterday…absolutely delicious! You are a true alchemist.” – Linda Lundstrom

“This past summer my husband and 7 year old daughter discovered your soups at the Brampton Farmers Market. With 2 jars in hand, my daughter was so excited to share with me this fabulous new soup she “discovered”. We’ve been hooked ever since. As a vegetarian (a picky one), it’s hard to find a meal that is satisfying! Soup Girl Soups fit the bill.” – Maria, Brampton

“Hi there, I bought your Moroccan Lentil soup mix. It makes a good soup. Thank you.” – Jon

“I was given a jar of Detox yesterday and made it this afternoon. Now , I am not a soupist and don’t remember having any soup in years since my last can of over salted Campbells. But that was this morning. First off the swirl effect of the bottled product is very appealing. While it cooked it popped with colour and fragrance. And then hearty,perfectly spiced, delicious and plentiful. I recently evolved to a vegetarian diet and worried my diet may be less varied and tasty. Abandon that thought.” – Marc, Toronto