Are your soups gluten free?

The only soups that DO directly contain gluten are the Curried Cashew Soup (with pearl barley), the Bavarian Barley Soup (with pearl barley) and the Za’atar Lentil Soup (with organic freekeh).  The other soups do not contain gluten ingredients, although they are not certified gluten-free.  This is mainly because we need to carry forward the same disclaimer that some of our ingredients have: may contain traces of wheat, nuts, soy, sesame, mustard. There are a number of people who are gluten-intolerant that do eat our soups and have no problem with them, but we unfortunately cannot offer any guarantees. 

 What allergens are of concern in your soups?

As for common allergens, the Curried Cashew Soup contains nuts (cashews) and gluten (pearl barley) ; the Smoky Split Pea Soup contains mustard; the Bavarian Barley Soup contains mustard; and, the Za’atar Lentil Soup contains sesame and wheat (organic freekeh, which is toasted young wheat). Although we do our best to avoid cross-contamination on our end, we do need to provide the following disclaimer for all of our soups: May contain traces of wheat, nuts, soy, sesame and mustard.  Please contact us directly with more specific questions and concerns at

Can your soups be prepared in a slow cooker?

Yes, the soups do very well in a slow cooker!  Most of the soups are ready in about 5 hours on high heat or in about 8-10 hours on low heat, EXCEPT the Moroccan Lentil Soup, Mexican Amaranth Soup and the Italian Rice n’ Lentil Soup, which require less cooking and are ready in about 2 hours on high heat or 5 hours on low heat. 

What is the sodium level of your soups?

All the soups sit at about 17-18% per 1 cup serving. Although they cannot be considered low-sodium, they are certainly on the lower end of sodium levels compared to most commercially available soups (that includes the fresh varieties, not just canned varieties).  For those that prefer a low-sodium option, we do offer salt-free versions of all our soup flavours, upon special request. If ordering online, just include that request in the “Order Notes” section. 


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